Nicole Richie Matches Everything

When you’re rich, famous, and have a personal stylist it’s important that you match everything that you wear to everything around you. Wait, it is right? At first I was thinking that Nicole was just going for her typical “fortune teller” look, but then I realized it was exactly what she needed to color coordinate her surroundings.
In other, equally random, Nicole Richie news it’s been reported that Nicole has hired a Shaman to help get rid of her bad luck curse that she feels hangs over her. She has told friends that she feels all the crap that happened to her in 2006 were because someone “hexed” her. Oh crap, she’s onto me! So, in order to cleanse herself and her apartment, Nicole paid a doctor $1,000 to perform a spiritual cleansing. Now that is money well spent! Oprah spends her money on opening a school for girls to help change their lives and Nicole spends it on an apartment exorcism. Cool!
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