New Teddy Ruxpin is Back For 2018 and Sporting LCD Eyes That’ll Terrify You

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If it’s one thing we love it’s when our stuffed animals come to life.  We say that, but we’re frightened.  This season everyone is losing their minds over the return of Teddy Ruxpin.  If you’re pondering “the return?” then you’re too young to remember that yesteryear there was a version of Teddy Ruxpin who would read your stories and after 3 minutes his batteries would drain and he’d talk to you in slow motion all while providing the best/worst nightmares of your life.  Well, not this Ruxpin!

The new Teddy Ruxpin has, of course, been modernized and can connect with your app to really get things interactive.  The other major change is his eyes.  Some say “creepy” but we say “technologically advanced!”  Ok, as we say creepy too.  You see, his eyes are actually color LCD eyes and have about 40 different animations that really give him that extra personality that makes interactive story time all the better.  Some of his eye expressions include: loving, surprised, laughing, cold, thoughtful, and joyful.  Great!

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The new T. Rux (as no one calls it, but totally should!) has an advanced animatronic mouth with TalkSync technology that allows him to move his mouth whenever he speaks or sings in a very realistic way (we’re not talking Britney ‘performing’ at one of her concerts).  Also, the kiddos can control his stories and songs by simply pressing his little cuddly bear paw to pause, fast-forward, and more.  Teddy also comes pre-loaded with 3 awesome stories and 7 sing-along songs that provide 45-minutes of extreme fun.  But, like everything else today, you can also download the free app to get more stories, songs, help your child learn to read (or get better at it) and more!

So like everyone wants to know, what’s the price of the new Teddy Ruxpin?  Well, it varies.  He retails for $119, but you can totally find him on Amazon for much cheaper (of course) and places like Target and Walmart.  You shouldn’t have to pay more than $100 for him, but we totally recommend pre-ordering him right now because he’s going to be super tough to get as we get closer to the holidays.

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And here’s the old Teddy Ruxpin just for fun!