Nordstrom Local Has No Clothes and May Be Coming to NYC

Would you shop at a Nordstrom Local that doesn’t have actual clothes inside?

Nordstrom Local Review 2018

Some month back you may have heard that Nordstrom opened up one of their latest ventures in LA (specifically in Melrose Place) called Nordstrom Local.  As a way to try to bridge the gap between in-store and digital, the powers to be thought this concept could totally work and, well, so far it sort of is working.  So what actually is Nordstrom Local.  Well, it’s a small 3,000 square foot Nordstrom store that doesn’t carry any…actual inventory.  Who in the what (??) you may say!  Well listen, it’s not that bad.  Here’s the deal.

Nordstrom Local is supposed to have a more intimate neighborhood-type look and feel where customers and ultra Nordstrom fans can come together and enjoy some of the great services that Nordstrom typically offers…and then some!  Customers will be able to set up appointments (for free) with Nordstrom’s personal stylists that can help them pick out options best suited for them and even have it shipped over (by bike, van, truck, you name it) right to the Local store.  You can also bring your returns to Nordstrom Local or even order online and have them shipped there so you can quickly and easily pick them up for free.  You’ll be able to see some of the latest fashions on display, but you can’t buy it right there and take it home.  That’s kind of frustrating, but we dig the vibe and what they’re trying to do.  Here’s a bunch of other features offered:

  1. Get Your Clothes Altered and Tailored:  In-store tailors are available for you to drop in and get whatever you need fixed, hemmed, and fitting just right!
  2. Pick Up Your Clothes Curbside:  Ordered online, want to ship it to the store, but don’t feel like getting out of your car, like, ever?  At Nordstrom Local your order will be delivered by hand right to your car!
  3. Subscribed to Trunk Club? You’re in Luck! – Head over to Local to have a Trunk Club stylist help you out, pick up your trunk or even drop off the trunk items you’re not interested in.
  4. Get Your Nails Done:  Pop in and choose from 8 different manicure services
  5. Get Drunk:  Ok, fine, don’t get drunk, but at Nordstrom Local they have a full beverage menu including cold-pressed juices, espresso and, most importantly, beer and wine!

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Rumor has it that if these local stores continue to do well, they may considering opening one in NYC.  In the meantime, check out some chic pics of the latest Nordstrom Local.

It’s truly a beautiful space! #nordstromlocal #beautystylist

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