New Mother, Jamie Lynn Spears, Shows Off Her New “Mom Ass”

A 16 year old unwed mother with a baby? I’m totally fine with that. A 16 year old with early signs of ‘mom ass?” I’m starting to crumble inside. A rich 16 year old shopping at a Walmart in Mississippi with a close friend? I am outraged as a United States citizen and as a blog whore desperate for fame.

Jamie Lynn has been keeping a low profile lately after giving birth, but just the other day the Mississippi paparazzi (which I assume is just homeless people with disposable Walgreens cameras) caught Jamie Lynn looking not so pleased. Perhaps it’s because she’s just purchased brown rubber place mats (check her shopping cart)? Perhaps it’s because she really missed Estelle Getty (check her t-shirt)? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because she’s holding her kid like a sack of rotten potatoes that’s just about to fall. Luckily her pal is there to catch the baby if it hits the ground. That was wrong of me. I mean her pal is there to catch the baby when it hits the ground.

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