My Hero, Joel McHale, in New York City

Who doesn’t like Joel McHale!? No really, who? I’m serious. I want names of the people who don’t and I will take multiple baseball bats to their faces. Joel McHale is my hero. There, I said it. I’m fine with it. Growing up I always wanted to be Guy Smiley from Sesame Street, but now that I am grown up (sorta) I’ve decided I wanted to be Joel. A highlight of my sad and pathetic life was seeing a taping of The Soup last year (thanks Lauren), but now my goal is to get my ass on The Soup one way or another. Even if I have to go on Maury and take part in paternity testing, I’ll do it. Although, my luck is that I will be “the father.”

Joel McHale was in NYC yesterday attending the premiere of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” at the Lowes theater in Lincoln Square. Ole!

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