My Brush With: Ciara

So as you know I recently moved to NYC in order to track down the Olsen Skanks (thanks Janine for reminding me of my goals). Well, I had my first run in with a celebrity in NYC. As I was walking back from lunch in super-quiet Times Square yesterday I was bumped to the side and told my this big bald dude to “wait a minute and move out of the way.” Seeing as I am legally retarded I looked up and had no clue what that meant. All of a sudden a bunch of girls (who looked like they were dressed to go clubbing) walked past me, but not before I continue to turn around and literally run into Ciara (R&B singer, for all you “Nana’s and Grandpa’s out there). I legit bumped her. As I looked up I was like, holy crap Wanda Sykes! But, then I realized it was Ciara. I wanted to ask her to stop and take a picture with me, but didn’t have time so I had to search the InterWebs for why Ciara was in NYC. Looks like she stopped on by TRL to sing a little something, I guess. Next time I see a celebrity I’m going to hand them my camera and ask them to take a picture of me…not with me….of me.

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