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Click Here to Vote for @ibbb for MTV TJ


Click Here to Vote for @ibbb for MTV TJ

Remember when all of Bev Hills High staged a walk out after Donna Martin smelled a glass of champagne and became fall down drunk at the senior prom, got caught by the sly Mrs. Teasley (how come we never met Mr. Teasley?), and then wasn’t allowed to graduate?  Of course you do.  Well, all “the kids” walked out of class and started to chant “Donna Martin Graduates” over and over again until they removed Donna from the electric chair and allowed her to graduate with all the rest of her friends, who were technically already in their 30’s, but that’s another story for another time.

The point is, MTV is hiring/casting for their first ever MTV TJ (Twitter Jockey) to be the hidden face of MTV Twitterland and “Tweet” (as the kids say) red carpet events, back stage bew-ha-ha, etc.  Well since I’ve been in the online marketing/social media space for over 5 years and am, sadly, up on the latest pop-culture-palooza thanks to this here blog, I think I should win the whole thing.…or half of it.  Maybe 2/3rds of it.  What’s more than half?  Anyway, please vote for me as I would like a chance to win and, well, the fate of your reality show recaps may or may not depend on it (insert sidewards smiley face here).  Click here to vote for me.  You need to enter in my Twitter name, which is @ibbb.  It’s a few short steps.  Voting ends Monday, I think.  Please vote.  If not for the future of IBBB, do it for Donna Martin.  I mean, she almost didn’t graduate and then was tossed down the stairs a few times by Ray Pruit.  Hasn’t she been through enough?  Haven’t we all?  Vote! Vote! Vote!

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