Mrs. Teasley You Are So Close!

Slowly, slowly all my requests to Santa are being answered. Kelly Taylor is, in fact returning to Beverly Hills High according to CBS and the CW. Kelly Taylor will play the role of a guidance counselor at good old West Bev. The CW has stated that Jennie Garth is “the first cast member to reprise her role.” This, I’m assuming, means that there will be other cast members returning with my high hopes on Mrs. Teasley.

Lori Loughlin, Ant Becky from Full House, is also coming to the spinoff playing a former Olympic medalist and mom to the two teenage kids, Annie and Dixon. I’m pretty sure they mean mom to Nicky and Alex. That’s a common mistake.

I can’t wait for this crap to start up. I say bring back all shows from the 90’s. Everything was great in the 90’s. I’m also hoping Lark Voorhies makes a comeback as well, but fingers crossed on Mrs. Teasley.

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