Move Over Tony Danza. The Real World Comes to Brooklyn!

Mrs. Rosini won’t get a good night sleep for at least 4 months! The Real World Season 250 has finally found its location and it’s pretty much in my backyard. The next drunken filled season of The Real World will be shot in Brooklyn and, ironically, may be shot at in Brooklyn. The cartoonish pictures above show the building that they’ll be living in. Since these kids are extremely deserving of having nice things, they’ll be living in the 6,000 sq foot, two floor penthouse that has 5 bedrooms, two terraces, and floor to ceiling windows. I’m sure they’ll be very quiet and respectful of the other 100 families that live in the building. Shelling out a couple million for an apartment in the building will all be worth it once cameras and drunken whores are filling the hallways.

I’m psyched. Hopefully I’ll run into these fools while they hop on the subway and head into the city. In case you’ll be leaving the country and won’t get to see the next season let me fill you in on what will happen. Drinking, followed by fighting, more drinking, sex with roomates, racial fights, drinking, rehab, drinking, fist fight, drinking, crying, sex with roomates, drinking. Oh, and then they’ll drink.

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