More Pointless Us Weekly Polls


Hi there American public!  Would you like to answer an Us Weekly Watercooler Poll question in which you would never actually have a chance to do what the question is asking?  Do you like to spend countless hours pondering the outcome in a dreamlike state?  If you answered “yeeeee haw!” to either of those questions then you are ready to answer the latest pointless Us Weekly poll.  This time around they’d like to know if you would want to teach Kate Gosselin how to dance.  Well would you?  Answer me!  Just think of how your life will change if you answer “yes” to this question.   I’m pretty sure it automatically means you’ll be able to.  So gas up your ’85 Oldsmobile and start your drive to PA because Kate’s waiting for you….and she’ll need you to make sandwiches for about 8 camera-ready brats.  Thanks Us Weekly!

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