Michael Jackson is Condom Ready

I wonder if Michael Jackson is up to his old tricks again? Michael was at the World Music Awards last night with what looks like a condom in his hand. He is “ready for action” at a moments notice. Jeesh! This isn’t the “Children’s Music Awards.” Keep it in your pants you perv.
Anyway, after Michael won 8 awards (for I have no clue for what) he was supposed to sing a little bit of “Thriller” on stage, but instead he broke into a few lines of “We Are The World” and he even struggled with a few of the high notes (amateur). Awkward!

While Michael was in London, it has been rumored that he demanded that the hotel he was staying at construct an 18-foot wall to provide him with added privacy for him and his family. I mean, I think that 18 feet is the exact measurement needed in order to properly diddle in private. What? I’m just saying.

At the World Music Awards, hosted by Lindsay Lohan (why?), Michael did win the “diamond award” which is only given to those who have sold over 100 million albums. Wow sounds like a real train-wreck of an award show to me. Wish I was there.
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