9 Ways for Men to Rock White Jeans & Pants This Summer

Because it’s finally summer and you’re ready to rock that white jeans look.  Here’s a bunch of options and how to put it all together.

Slim Fit White Jeans for Men 2018 - Summer Mens White Pants 2019

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There’s something about white jeans that just makes us feel so much more relaxed.  It also makes us want to drink rosé or giant beers with a watermelon slice on the glass, preferably, outside during the day.  Just us?  Some guys are a little nervous when it comes to trying the white jeans look.  We don’t blame you, but here’s the thing.  You do you.  What do you care if a bunch of other people are in their normal blue denim pants?  Isn’t that a bit boring for the summer?  This summer we’re seeing great options for white pants in slim-to-trim fit, a bit distressed, a few ripped at the knee, and ones that fit perfectly around the leg opening so they’ll easily roll at the cuff giving you that beach look (and allowing you to show off those newly tanned ankles).  Check out our picks for some of the best white jeans for men (so far) in 2018.

1.  Best White Jeans for Men in Summer 2018:  John Varvatos Slim Fit White Denim – Buy It Here

White Jeans for Men 2018: Men's John Varvatos Straight Leg White Denim Summer 2019

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These are the white jeans all guys will be sporting this summer.  They’re classic bright white, but super comfy and soft thanks to the forgiving stretch denim material.  Don’t be afraid of the slim-fit.  It doesn’t mean they’re skinny.  It just means they won’t look baggy on your frame, which is a good thing.

2.  Rag & Bone ‘Fit 2 Slim Fit’ Mens White Jeans – Buy It Here

White Jeans for Men 2018: Mens Rag & Bone Slim White Denim 2019

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We love these white jeans because while they’ll look great on you (thanks to the slim fit) there’s still a little extra room around the thighs and hips area so you’ll be able to move freely without feeling like you’re wrapped tight in white denim.  They’re really the perfect pair for when you want a snugger fit, but want to stay away from anything in the ‘skinny’ category.

3.  AG Crisp White Jeans for Men – Buy It Here

White Jeans for Men 2018: AG Slim Fit White Demin Summer 2019

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Looking for a bright, but neutral white pair of jeans this summer?  These may be your best bet.  They’re modern, finished in a white wash, and are tapered a bit at the leg opening so they’re the perfect style for when you want to roll the cuff a bit and show a little ankle this season or, you know, pair them with your favorite flip-flops.

4.  Hudson Jeans ‘Blake Slim Fit’ Off-White Men’s Jeans – Buy It Here

White Jeans for Men 2018: Mens Hudson Off-White (Beige) Slim 2019

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These are the perfect pair when you’re still dipping your toe in the ‘white’ water.  We always say get out of your comfort zone and take some fashion chances, but if you want to crawl before you walk check out these off-white jeans.  They’ll still achieve that summer denim look you’re going for, but won’t be so in everyones face.

5. Biker Skinny Fit Ripped White Jeans – Buy It Here

White Jeans for Men 2018: Mens Hudson Ripped White Summer Denim 2019

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For the true rocker in you, check out these ripped moto white jeans for guys this summer.  They’re ripped and shredded at the knee, fit on the skinnier side, and show you can rock a pair of white jeans your way.  These may not be the best to sport at brunch in The Hamptons, but who really wants to go there anyway?!

6.  The Best White Chino Pants for Men in 2018:  AG ‘Everett’ Slim Fit White Pants – Buy It Here

White Pants for Men 2018: Mens AG Slim to Straight White Summer Chino Pants 2019

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If you’re not wanting to go the white denim route, but still want to rock a classic white pant this summer these are the ones for you.  These fit more on the slim side, but with plenty of room to move around in.  They’re a nice balance between sharp looking and casual.  Roll the cuff for a more fun and summery look.  Show those ankles!

7.  Bonobos Slim-Fit White Washed Pants – Buy It Here

White Pants for Men 2018: Bonobos Slim Fit White Pants Summer 2019

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These flat-front modern white chino pants are perfect for summer, super comfy thanks to the stretch-washed, and have a bit of a stretch to them so you’ll easily be able to move around.

8.  1901 Slim Fit White Chinos for Men – Buy It Here

White Pants for Men 2018: 1901 Slim Stretch Bright White Summer Chinos Pants 2019

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Cotton, smart-stretch, and white.  What more do you need to rock your summer look at the beach, happy hour, or just bumming around the city this season?  A perfect fit with plenty of room to move around so it can look either casual or a bit more dressy depending on the look you’re going for.

9.  Men’s White Nike Golf Pants – Buy It Here

Nike White Golf Pants for Men 2018 - 2019

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We tossed in a pair of white golf pants because, well, it’s how we want to spend the majority of our weekends this summer anyway.  These crisp white ones by Nike have Dri-Fit fabric, are sweat-wicking, and super comfortable.  You can’t go wrong with Nike.