The 5 Best Ways Men Can Actually Use Self Tanners and Not Look Ridiculous

Ready for a healthier way to tan?  Say goodbye to the sun and (gasp) tanning beds and check out the top self tanners for men this way!

Best Men's Self Tanner 2018 - Sunless Tanners & Bronzers for Men Review

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There’s no shame in your game if you want to have a healthy looking glow all year round.  Sunless tanners aren’t just for women anymore and, in fact, they’ve actually come a long way over the years.  One of the most common fears in using a self tanner is that you’ll turn into Snooki (aka orange!).  Men also fear that they’ll look streaky, too tanned, or that it’ll look like they’re wearing makeup.  Well worry no longer because we’ve checked out some of the top self tanning brands and chose the ones that look the most natural, won’t mess up your skin, and will keep you looking like you just stepped off the beach earlier that day.  Here’s some of the best men’s self tanners (so far) in 2018.

1.  Best Men’s Self Tanner (so far) in 2018:  St. Tropez Mousse – Check Price Here

Best Men's Self Tanner 2018: St. Tropez Sunless Tanner for Men

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If you don’t love a drippy runny lotion, this just may be the best sunless tanner option for you.  This self tanner from St. Tropez is a mousse, so it’s light, foamy, and super easy to apply.  It even dries in as little as 60 seconds so you don’t have to stand there naked for 15 minutes waiting to ensure the bronzer doesn’t get on your clothes.  This tanner gave a nice bronze look (without looking too tanned) and definitely didn’t give any orange vibes at all.  Not that we don’t love Snooki, but still. Overall it looked like a pretty natural tan and didn’t leave any streaks.  We recommend picking up the ‘Applicator Mitt’ so you can more easily get those harder to reach places like your back (it’ll help cut down on the streaks there too).  Your tan fades pretty evenly over time and should last up to around 10 days.  As a bonus we loved that it was free of paraben, sulfate, and phthalate.  Plus, it smelled pretty good!

2.  Tan Towel Mens Self Tanner for Face and Body – Check Price Here

Best Men's Self Tanner 2018: Tan Towel Body and Face Tanner for Men

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If you’re paranoid over an uneven tan or (gasp) streaks like we are, Tan Towel eased all of those fears for us.  This self tanner is perfect for your face and your body.  It comes with 10 towels and are super easy to use.  You basically just wipe down where you want your tan and you’re done.  Ok, it takes a little bit more than that, but it’s still so easy.  Every Tan Towel has its unique clear liquid tanner in it so all you have to do is unfold it and, using circular motions, rub it over your body.  We recommend to make sure your skin is clean and totally dry.  Like, 100% dry.  It just makes the process all that much easier.  Within around 2-4 hours you’ll start to see your tan shine through and this one will last up to around 7 days.  Thanks to the towel you definitely don’t have to worry about streaks or missing a spot (hello ankles and elbows!).

3.  Best Drugstore Sunless Tanner for Men:  Neutrogena ‘Micro Mist’ Self Tanning Spray – Check Price Here

Best Men's Self Tanner 2018: Neutrogena Sunless Tanner for Men at Drugstore

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If you don’t want to spend a ton and simply want to swing by your favorite drugstore to kick up your tan, this micro-mist from Neutrogena is your best bet.  This one will spray on evenly and you don’t even have to rub it in.  Plus, it’ll increase your tan by about two shades so you don’t have to worry about looking “overdone.”  We love, like with most products from Neutrogena, that it’s oil free and won’t clog your pores.  You’ll start to see your tan kick in anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and it’ll last for a few days.  You should be able to get this one for under $10.

4.  Beauty By Earth Organic Self Tanner for Guys – Check Price Here

Best Men's Self Tanner 2018: Organic Sunless Tanner for Men for Face and Body

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This is one of the best organic self tanners with natural ingredients on the market today.  It has great ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, green tea, and more.  It’s perfect for your face and body, doesn’t take too long to dry, and you’ll start to see results in around 4-6 hours.  Plus, your tan will last anywhere from 4-7 days.

5.  Shiseido Self Tanner for Face & Body – Check Price Here

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This self tanner is in gel form and was easy to apply.  We loved that it also helped moisturize our skin at the same time.  You can feel free to use it on your body or your face.  It’s not greasy or oily and will give you a slight tan without looking like ‘why are you so tan in January?!”  You know the type.

Now that you’ve chosen the right sunless tanner for you, here’s a handy little guide on what you should remember to do before you start using it.

1. Shave Before You Use Self Tanner on Your Face:  We’re not saying you have to shave before use, but it’ll really help keep the self tanner even and not get clumpy in your beard.

2.  Try Exfoliating Your Skin:  We think this is something you should be doing anyway but, either way, be sure to get rid of that dead and dry skin on your face and all over your body before you apply the tanner.  Sure you can buy an exfoliator, but if you don’t feel like it (or forgot to buy it) you can actually create a quick and easy exfoliator right at home.  Use your face wash (or applicable body wash) and add some sugar to it.  Rub it around a little (not too much so it dissolves) and then lightly apply it to your face and body, rubbing in a circular motion, and then rinse.  You’re good to go.

3.  Protect Your Eyebrows:  Lightly add a thin layer of Vaseline over your brows before you apply the self tanner.  This will help decrease the chances they’ll get discolored.  Once ours had an orange tint to them and, well, that was the worst.

4.  Stay Dry:  Make sure your face and body is totally dry, especially if you’ve just taken a shower.  Of course a towel works, but kick on your blow dryer onto a cool setting and give yourself a once over.