The Best Hair Wax and Pomade Brands for Men Who Care About Their Hair

Yes, guys really do care about what their hair looks like and these waxes, pomades, pastes and clays will help you achieve your best hairdo ever.

Best Mens Hair Wax 2018 - Hair Pomade, Clay & Paste for Men

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Say goodbye to that crunchy wet look that gel usually turns your hair into.  And say goodbye to those white flakes when the gel dries out too!  Today it’s all about workable hair wax and pomades in a variety of textures and packaging.  Some men like a traditional wax stick, while others want more of that little circular container so you can scoop out a little product with your finger and rub it around in the palm of your hand to warm it up before adding to your hair.  Either way, we love a wax-pomade mix because it’ll help you keep your hair styled and in place without weighing it down and turning into that 90’s helmet we’re all still trying to get over.  Shop some of the best hair wax and pomade brands for men (so far) this year.

The Best Wax Stick of 2018:  Bamboo Texturizing Style Stick for Men – Buy It Here

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This is the perfect wax stick when you want to add a little texture and give your ‘do the messy look without looking like it’s matted down and well, you know, super waxy.

Baxter of California Paste Pomade for Men – Buy It Here

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A lightweight pomade that’s perfect for a medium hold (read: not helmet-hair).  It has a semi-matte finish to it’ll give it a little shine without it look like you’re overdoing it.

Aveda Men ‘Pure Performance’ Thickening Hair Paste – Buy It Here

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A perfect paste for those of us guys who want our hair to look a little bit thicker (couldn’t we all use that?).  Plus, it smells great just like all Aveda hair products do!

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Jack Black Wax Pomade in Natural Shine – Buy It Here

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We loved this wax pomade because it works perfect to tame down the frizz and the stray hairs that we’re all in need of a little help with.  It provides a flexible hold so you’ll be able to style it and can even work wonders for your stubborn beard, you know, if you can grow one like that.

Triumph & Disaster ‘Coltrane’ Men’s Hair Clay – Buy It Here

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Made with Kaolin, a white clay, that’s perfect for the unruliest of hair.  It’ll keep everything styled the way you want it to without feeling like concrete.  #HairGoals

English Laundry Shiny Hair Wax – Buy It Here

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This guy gives you the hold you want with a bit of shine to it.  Don’t worry you won’t end up looking like your hair is all wet like gel typically does.  Plus, it smells really good!

Baxter of California Clay Pomade for Men – Buy It Here

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Made with clay and beeswax, this pomade helps your hair when you’re trying out a multitude of hairstyles.