Meg Griffin All Grown Up

Mila Kunis, which is Russian for “My Kunis,” got down to a bikini for In Style magazine and gave me reason #24,539 why I love Family Guy. You know how people who voice cartoons are really ugly, because if they were attractive they wouldn’t need to be animated? Well, this is one of those cases that is the opposite of what I just said. It’s opposites day at IBBB! Anyway, Mila Kunis is has been the voice of Meg Griffin from Family Guy for years now and can most recently be seen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She’s also Russian and can speak Russian, which is really a double edged sword for me. If Mila was not an actress, but still looked like this I assume she would have been one of those mail-order-brides, which means I could have purchased her with about 150 UPC codes from that back of my Tropicana orange juice carton. What a deal! Mila would be very happy with me as I’m sure she, along with the rest of the population, really wants to date a blogger. Bloggers are really the new white meat. I don’t know what that means. That’ll be all. Good day.

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