Meet Skanky McWhore-Wife!

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to introduce you to reality televisions newest star, Skanky McWhore-Wife. It’s nice that she hyphenated her last last name. She’s, clearly, a class act. Skanky McWhore-Wife was recently on the new game-show on Fox, “The Moment of Truth” in which you must answer personal questions about your life in order to win money. You were hooked up to lie detector so these sick bastards know if you are telling the truth or not. If you’re honest you win some money, if you lie you lose it all. Let’s watch Skanky McWhore-Wife answer such fun-loving questions as: Would you rather be married to your ex-boyfriend than current husband, Have you ever cheated on your current husband, and do you think you’re a good person. I wonder how she does? She seems nice.
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