Me Gusta Gabrielle Union. Gracias!

I feel like there’s never enough talk about Gabrielle Union. Well, there should be. And there will be from now on. Take one giant step the right, Olsen Sluts, because I’m pushing some focus Gabrielle’s way. Gabrielle Union was one of the many celebrities in Vega$ (like what I did with the dollar symbol?) over Memorial Day weekend. She was hosting some random party at Tao and, well, that’s about all. The point is that Gabrielle Union is hot and she should, somehow, be declared a national holiday. Maybe December 25th? I think that day is available.

A couple of months ago I was in a building in NYC and Gabrielle and “her people” were walking by me. No joke, it was like one of the moments you see in a movie where all of a sudden everything went in slow motion and people just stopped what they were doing to watch her walk by with the wind blowing in her hair. She legit smiled at me as she walked by, but I’m sure it was because she assumed I was one of those kids who has mental problems or something. Either way, I took it.
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