Mary Carey Misplaced Her Wagon

Mary Carey fell off the whore wagon. Let me finish….doctor. This is the first time I caught that little minx off the whore wagon, but apparently she’s fallen off before. Who cares? Drinking makes you cool, more fun, funnier, more interesting, prettier, more confident, happier, a better dancer, a better joke teller, more confident, smarter, make better decisions, take better chances, etc, etc. The list goes on, really. Anyway, to no surprise I love VH1’s Celebrity Rehab and porn, so mixing together a porn start and a reality show and you’ve got me hooked for at least 1-hr.

Mary Carey was photographed outside the Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas and then captured inside downing a Corona. Ole! When Mary had been asked about her sobriety after Celebrity Rehab, she claims she does have a glass or two of wine, but that’s about it. Well, once a lying whore for money, always a lying whore for money. Mary Carey is clearly drinking a Corona. That’s not beer. Don’t lie about it. Geesh.

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