Marguerite Perrin: The Comeback Kid

Yes, my friends, the Lord does answer prayers. I hear a lot that people pray and pray and never have their prayers answered. My answer to those people? You are not praying for the right things. Health, love, money….nah that never works, but when you pray for mindless things, chances are the Lord will listen. After praying for 1 year solid, my prayers have been answered. Marguerite Perrin, from last years “Trading Spouses” will return for this season starting on January 19. I am literally beside myself with excitement.

Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I was with this crazy lady. I’ve yelled her many lines in many bars such as, “He’s not a Christiaaaaaaaaan!” as well as other favorites like:

  1. They’re dark-sided
  2. Everything’s un-godly!
  3. It’s tainted! I don’t want nothing with tainted anything in beliefs doing anything to my family! Get out!
  4. Get the hell out of my house, in Jesus name I pray.

Clearly, you get the picture. I’ve been tossed out of bars for yelling these lines. I’ve used these lines in business meetings. In fact, I literally have a clip of her on my cell phone that I shared with people just days ago. Obsessed? Hell yes. I couldn’t be any more happy about this. Of course, I will be reporting on this as soon as it airs. God bless you Marguerite, God bless.
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