Marcia & Jan Brady: Lesbians, Coke, the 70’s

First off, this is some of my finest photoshopping to date. This, my friends, will win awards. Anyway, bom-chika-bom-bom….Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb may have played lesbian reindeer games in the 70’s. Even more exciting is that Marcia Brady and Jan Brady may have been lesbian 1970 lovers! Hot. I hope Jan kept the black wig on the whole time. Oh and you know that cousin Oliver was all over that shit.
Maureen McCormick has written a new book in which she allegedly talks about her drug use (cocaine) and how she had a crush on Eve Plumb and how that lead to some “lesbian hijinks.” I love lesbian hijinks. It’s basically the best kind of hijinks there is, next to jihad. While jihad can be considered hijinks, it’s in a complete different league then lesbian hijinks.

While Maureen is claiming that she is not a professional muff-diver and/or lesbian, she and Jan may have gotten a little frisky. How come this wasn’t on the E! True Hollywood Story? They’re going to need to update that STAT. Oh, and you KNOW that Sam the butcher was totally handling the meat when this was going down (insert applause and sympathetic laughter here).
Marcia, coke? Lesbianism? Jan, wigs? Lesbianism? Mike and Carol have a lot of explaining to do.
God bless Sherwood Schwartz, that sick son-of-a-bitch.

Marcia & Jan Brady: Lesbians, Coke, the 70’s

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