Mandy Moore is Trying to Save Your Life

I mean she’s not trying to save your life by becoming a doctor or anything, but she is trying to protect the environment by purchasing a Toyota Prius, which in turn could mean cleaner air, which in turn could mean less issues with your breathing/lungs, which in turn could mean a longer life for you. See, she really is helping. Sure that was a stretch, but there isn’t always a lot to say about Mandy Moore. How do we get to say more about Mandy Moore? Ok now, say it with me…all together now: “Become a drunken whore like Britney Spears.” See? We have learned a lot from this blog.

Mandy is a good kid. You look at her and say two things (1) She’s hot and (b) She’s a good kid. So, what’s new with Mandy Moore? Well funny you should ask. She’s been recently recording her new album in CA that may be called “Wild Hope” (I was pushing for “Wild Ho”) which is set to be released at some point in 2007. Mandy has also recently said:

“It’s been seven or eight years since I signed a record deal and it’s been that long to make this record. I feel like I knew pretty early on, even if I wasn’t listening to the Joni Mitchell’s of the world back in ’99, 2000, I knew this was something I wanted to eventually reach.”

Oh, she seems like a good kid. Seriously, I’m finding it hard to think of something to knock her for. What is happening to me? Must shut down.

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