The Best Yoga Pants for Men That Stay Exactly Where You Want Them To

Ready to get serious about your yoga practice? These are some of the most popular men’s yoga pants this season.

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018 - Sweat Wicking Yoga Pant for Men 2019

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Guys typically always start out sporting their favorite pair of shorts when tipping their toe in the yoga pool.  We totally get it.  But times are changing and so is the way we’re dressing heading to class.  Not that we don’t love yoga shorts (you’ll find our favorite pair below), but yoga pants really are the way to go when you want to get the most out of your poses and positions.  If we’re talking any form of hot yoga, sweat-wicking pants are your best option because they’re going to help pull the moisture (i.e, sweat) away from your body and to the outside of the pants where they can evaporate faster and easier.  Plus, with yoga pants you don’t have to worry about your bare arm resting on your bare leg (with sweat) and then sliding off during one of your toughest positions.  We assume this is where the typical yoga farting takes place.  Either way, check out of choices for some of the best yoga pants for men (so far) in 2018.

1.  The Best Yoga Pants for Men in 2018:  Lululemon ‘Intent’ Yoga Pants in Heather Grey – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Lululemon Grey

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One of the hottest pair of non-traditional yoga pants this year, they’re super soft, sweat-wicking, and have a fantastic 4-way stretch.  These will come in handy on some of your toughest yoga practice days.  Plus, we loved how when you pull up the legs, the cuff stays in place without falling down (hello headstand pose, we’re talking to you!). These are super breathable and a must have this season.  They come in heather grey, black, and green.  Outside of sporting them to yoga, they’re actually super comfy to wear just to hang around in.

2.  4-rth Bamboo Green Cuffed Men’s Yoga Pants – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Bamboo Green 4rth

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One of our favorite colors of the season, these bamboo green yoga pants are insanely comfortable as they’re made from modal fabric from the birch tree.  If you’ve ever slept in modal sheets, you know exactly what we’re talking about.  These killer yoga pants have pockets in the front so they don’t stick out from the side (we hate that) and are made right here in the USA so it’s great to support local!

3.  Navy Blue ‘In Mind’ Yoga Pants by Lululemon – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Navy Blue Lululemon

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Another favorite of the season comes from Lululemon.  These navy blue semi-fitted yoga pants are super lightweight and dry quickly (which we loved as sometimes we wash our yoga pants in the shower and hang them over the door to dry…just us?). The four-way stretch material makes it easy to move through all your toughest poses.  And like with almost all of Lululemon clothes, you can wear them to just bum around in (and look great while doing so!).

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4.  4-rth Solid Charcoal Grey Yoga Pants – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Tight Fitted Cropped by 4-rth

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5.  Manduka Men’s Yoga Pant in Black – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Black Maduka Fitted Yoga Pants

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We loved that these guys were somewhat fitted, but still comfortable and relaxed at the same time.  Not that we don’t love a tight-fitting yoga pant, but this gives us a little more breathing room without putting everything on display.  The leg is tapered and adjustable so you can push it up to your mid-calves area, just the below the knee, or wear them normally as they come.  Either way, they’ll stay where you want them to during all your poses and movements.  These come in black, black ash (more of a greyish black) and jasper green.

6.  Bright Blue with Royal Blue Stripe Yoga Pants for Men – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: 4-rth Blue Striped Cropped

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7.  Manduka Men’s Black Yoga Shorts – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Yoga Shorts by Maduka Dyad

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We threw some yoga shorts into the mix because sometimes you just don’t want any material messing with your legs during your yoga workout.  They’re light-weight, fast drying, and come in some cool color options like black, midnight blue, and indigo.  We also loved them for running.

8.  prAna Men’s Sutra Yoga Pants in Herringbone Grey – Check Price

Best Mens Yoga Pants 2018: Loose Fit Prana Sutra

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These are more of the traditional yoga pants you’ve probably seen around.  They’re light-weight, come with a drawstring waist so you can adjust to the size that fits you best, are wide leg so they’re super comfortable, and made from a wool hemp blend.  Can’t go wrong with that!  If herringbone isn’t the color for you, they also come in brown, ginger, black, and more!

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