Lo Bosworth, the Priscilla Barnes of Our Generation, at Harrah's Pool in Atlantic City


Do I have anything interesting to say about Lo from The Hills?  Nope.  Was this the perfect opportunity to toss in an obscure Priscilla Barnes reference?  You know it!  Now that we’re all caught up, Lo was all “over the shoulder” smiles at “The Pool”  in Harrah’s in Atlantic City over the weekend.  Well, actually I do have a story, girls, boys, and the people of Harrah’s.  So grab your nap mats and get in a semi-circle around IBBB:

One time the fine, fine, people of Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City invited me to an all expense paid trip for the weekend to experience Brooke Hogan’s (11th) 21st Birthday that was taking place at “The Pool.”  It was a great weekend and yours truly even got a VIP cabana directly next to Brooke Hogan.  Sure she wouldn’t talk to me, or anyone for that matter, and never left her cabana once, but still the weekend was awesome.  I ate and drank like a king and had the best night sleep too (thanks “alcohol induced coma!).  SO, if the fine, fine, fine, people of Harrah’s would ever like invite me again, I would gladly go.  I would go to see anyone, Harrah’s people, but if the following “celebrities” are ever coming  to “host” please keep me in mind:

  1. Audrina
  2. Anyone from the cast of Jersey Shore
  3. Bindi Irwin
  4. Nell Carter (via Ouija Board)
  5. Anyone from any “Real Housewives” series (preference to Kim Zolciak)
  6. Kelly Cutrone
  7. Kelly Cutrone
  8. Whitney Port
  9. Kelly Cutrone
  10. Kelly Cutrone

Story time/sellout time has now officially come to a close.  Thank you.  Please find my contact information throughout this site, including a link to my personal Facebook page.  That is all.

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