Live From a Cave, It’s Osama Bin Laden!!

It’s been a while since that zaney Osama Bin Laden issued a message to us infidels in the United States, but the script is almost finished and we should be hearing from him soon! What a treat! Now I’m not sure if Osama and his frienemies are blogging from an undisclosed cave, but this is the most recent statement: “Urgent, very soon by the will of God the response is what you see and not what you hear, by the warrior sheik, Osama bin Laden.”

You have to admit, that’s a pretty good introduction. In a world where we’re used to hearing celebrities being introduced in the SNL format of, “We have a great show for you tonight. Mariah Carey is here, so stick around we’ll be right back!” this is a nice change of pace.

I’m interested in seeing what he’s looking like these days. I mean, no one can seem to find him but every time he releases a video he always has his hair done and his beard freshly dyed black. He may be living in an underground bunker, but he’s clearly easy, breezy, beautiful and he’s worth it! His beard is so thick and bushy I’m pretty sure if the cameras panned down you’d see Diana Ross crouching down underneath him. Oh! Stop me if you heard this one!

Anyway, so the tape should be released soon and I swear to Allah if this tape is released and aired the same time The Hills starts back up I’m going to take a boat to Tajikistan and find him myself.

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