Lil Kim’s Nose is Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Lil Kim was at the CFDA Fashion Awards last night in NYC and it looks like she dug into her bucket of Mr Potato Head spare parts and gave herself a new nose. It definitely looks better than the other new nose she recently had was very Michael/LaToya Jackson-like. Who knew you could bounce back from something like that!? Lil Kim is actually looking a lot better these days with that new nose and normal eyebrows again. Also, can you remove cheek implants because, if so, I’m pretty sure those were taken out too. Wait, this actually might just be Kimora Lee Simmons. Nope, I double checked. It’s Lil Kim. Eh, good for her.

As a sidenote, Lil Kim won $500,000 in a lawsuit against former friend Lil Cease for using unauthorized use of her name and image in a DVD. Wow. $500K can buy a lot of new face parts. Oh, and can everyone stop calling themselves “Lil.” I’m over it.
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