Lil Kim to Try Out For Sesame Street?

I give this Lil Kim picture a “what?” a “seriously?” and a “reallly?” Lil Kim put on a face full of makeup and headed out to the “Hip Hop Weekly Magazine” launch party. Seriously, what the hell is above her eyes? First, I would say “eyebrows” but now I’m not so sure. Did she actually “paint on” a serious look? Does she know that you can use facial expressions to portray emotion and that you don’t have to add things to your face Mr. Potato Head? Is it just me or is it every time I see Lil Kim out and about at a party she is always photographed by herself? Maybe people think she is always pissed at them due to her “angry eyes?”

It has been reported that Lil Kim laughed at an offer to appear on Celebrity Big Brother and that she demanded over $1 million to appear on the show. I don’t think she should be so picky until she can afford makeup and can stop using a Sharpie.

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