Lil Kim Has Totally Toned Herself Down

Holy freak monster! Lil Kim is one step away from looking like a nun! What happened? She used to dress all provocative. Anyjiggle, Lil Kim performed a tune or two on stage at the Way Out West Music Festival in Sweden over the weekend. Sweden? I’m sure she didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. A sore thumb with huge fake boobs. A sore thumb with huge fake boobs and, just a guess, but a few STDs. Just a guess. Not based on fact. Just guesses. Educated guesses.

Lil Kim even pulled a “fan” up on stage to sing to him and do a “sexy dance” for him. He looks like he’s all into it, but you totally know that’s the face of someone who’s thinking, “Fine. What’ a little case of crabs? I’m getting freak-danced by Raven Simone. Oh wait. This isn’t Raven Simone?” That’s what he’s totally thinking. It’s written all over his face.

In a first for Lil Kim, her boobs appear to be so frightened that they’re literally trying to run from her shirt….as is her waist trying to run from her pants.

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