Lauren's Mustache Must Be Kinda Pissed



I bet Lauren’s mustache is fuming! Fuming!  Once a sub-sub-sub cast member of The Hills and Lauren Cockpigs love interest, Doug (DouK) Reinhardt was spotted on a beach in Hawaii with Paris Hilton.  Perfect.

So that is all totally boring, but you know what we have NEVER discussed here on IBBB before?  The fact that DouK is the brother of Casey, the skanked-out-mess who was in Laguna Beach Season 3.  How did we never talk about this?  You remember Casey, right?  She was the chick who played “the new girl” and switched schools so she could be on Vagina Creek.  I believe she was a beauty pageant contestant too.  She would be the grown up version of Jon Benet Ramsey, had she not been dirt-napped.  My favorite part of her was her “baby doll” voice and Paris Hilton-like bleach blond puppet hair extensions.  So, uh, wait a sec.  It’s sorta like DouK is banging his sister.  Well that figures.  Pervs.

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