Lacey Chabert: Party of Two!

Seriously I am getting old. Really old. Lacey Chabert was like 6 years old when she was on Party of Five and now she’s on the cover of Maxim (tip your 40 since FHM is closing up shop…sniff). If poor Lacey’s parents on the show Party of Five knew how hot she would turn out I bet they wouldn’t have gotten themselves killed in that car accident! Or wait, was it a house fire? Sometimes I get confused between how the parents died in Party of Five and how the parents died in “Annie.” Anyway….she’s hot.

So what the Christ is Lacey to these days? Well, you can find her in the movie “Black Christmas” which is out on Dec 25th and a horror movie. To quote another site (because I’m tired) A remake of the 1974 movie of the same name, the film follows a group of sorority girls getting knocked off by a murderer who’s been making mysterious phone calls to their house. The culprit is none other than the disturbed former resident of the house-a guy who was locked away for years in the attic by his mother.”

So, that’s what she’s been up to. Enjoy the cover of Maxim. Ho, ho HO.

Who Said Black Christmas!?!

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