These Colorful Fingerlings Koala Bears are the Latest (and Cutest) from Wowwee

And they did it again!  Introducing the colorful Fingerlings Koala Bear!

Where to Buy Fingerling Koala Bear 2017 -2018 Review

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Are you as obsessed as we are with all things Fingerlings these days?  Minus how impossible some of them are to actually get online (we’re talking to you Unicorn and Sloth), no one can seem to get enough of these cute little interactive toys.  And we’re not just talking about kids.  Adults are into these too because some are saying they have anti-anxiety effects on them.  We’re guessing this is like the fidget spinner, but for grown-ups.  While we’re not doctors (yet) and aren’t really sure of any actual medical benefits, one thing we can all agree on is that this Koala Bear looks so darn lovable.

Because the Koala is super new, the details on what he (or she!) can do are still a bit murky.  But here’s what we do know (so far):

  1. Like the other Fingerlings, this little guy (or gal) grabs right onto your finger and interacts with you on the regular.
  2. Tap the Koala’s head and it’ll move it back and forth, blow kisses back at you, and even burp and fart (because, let’s be honest, kids love that the best).
  3. It’ll also provide you with endless laughter with all the koala babble and giggles it makes.
  4. Currently they come in grey, turquoise, and purple (with possibly additional colors in the coming weeks).
  5. Finally, when you’ve all had enough you can rock this wonderful koala to sleep in the palm of your hand.
  6. P.S., you can literally just turn it off if you want to with a simple flip of a switch.

Here’s Where You Can Currently Buy Fingerling Koala Bears Right Now:

1.  Grey Koala Bear – Buy It Here

New Grey Fingerlings Koala Bear Review 2017 - Where to Buy Koala Online 2018

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2.  Pink/Purple Koala Fingerling – Buy It Here

Pink/Purple Fingerling Koala 2017 - 2018

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3.  Turquoise Fingerlings Koala Bear – Buy It Here

Where to Find Fingerling Koala Bears 2017 -2018 Turquoise Blue

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