Kirstie Alley Ups Her Street Cred

Hysterical! So has anyone seen the latest and great Kirstie Alley/Jenny Craig Commercial? Yeah, so I was watching a little Tivo and wasn’t really paying much attention as I was on the InterWeb when all of a sudden I started thinking, “Wait, is Kirstie Alley talking like a white girl who’s trying to add a little “flavor” to her speech?” Awesome! So, I hit rewind on my Tivo and low and behold, “hell to the yes” Kirstie still thinks she’s on Oprah. You know how Oprah talks all “white” when she is on her show except when there is a black person on her show and the she gets all “ohhh child!” Yeah, same thing. Kirstie has actually been quoted saying the following things:
  • No Girl!
  • Way!
  • Snap!

Oh yes, all brilliant sayings. Kirstie even does the “talk to the hand” motion and then does some type of “z snap.” I mean, I don’t want to oversell this commercial, but it is BRILLIANT! Look, I don’t need Jenny Craig, but I’ll totally call her if Kirstie answers the phone and talks to me like that. You Go Girl!

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