Kirsten Dunst Gets to Second Base

Only because all of my blog posts today have somehow ended up being about someone on MTV or some show on MTV I felt the need to diversify a bit. Therefore I present to you: “Kirsten Dunst Having Her Little Boy Boobs Felt Up.” Aren’t you glad you stop by IBBB? Kirsten Dunst was frolicking in about 3 inches of water with her “friend” as her “friend” totally got to second base with her. Come on girls, you save that type of smut for your next game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven.”
Kirsten was enjoying a little down time at a very exclusive Maui resort over the weekend when this alleged “assault” took place. Now let me ask something. How does one spend the weekend in Hawaii at the beach and still remain snowman white? Even if you put on SPF 50 you still get a little bit of color.

In other Kirsten Dunst news, Kirsten has decided to put her movie career on hold for a bit so she can study art. Yes, art. I guess it’s better than taking time off to get addicted to drugs and ending up in rehab. Although, there is still time for that.

Who Shot That!?!

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