Kim Zolciak Goes to Pick Up Her American Music Award


I’m glad that we live in a world where Kim Zolciak is invited to the American Music Awards.  I’m also glad that we live in a world Kim aspires to win one of the AMAs for either “Tardy For the Party” or “Tight Rope.”  My money is on “Tight Rope” for a VMA and “Tardy for the Party” for a Grammy. 

I’d also like to reach out to Kim at this time and let her know that if there is any award that she gets nominated for, I’d like to accompany her on the red carpet and, as my punishment for being to mean, I will tell each person in the press, including the paparazzi, that I was wrong and Kim is a wonderful, wonderful, talent.  The Patsy Cline of our generation.

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