Kim Zolciak and Her Olsen Twins Head Out to the Reality Show Awards


Kim Zolciak could fit a tightrope and the entire collection of She by Sheree between her Olsen Twins as she smiled for the camera (singular) at the Reality Awards a couple of days ago.  The soon to be Grammy nominated singer has been burning up the charts (in my head) with her rendition of Tardy for the Party and has a lot to celebrate.  I’m not sure exactly what, but her rack seems to be enjoying itself.  In other important Kim Zolciak news, Kim recently told Bonnie Hunt (because that makes sense) that she and Big Poppa are taking a break this month and she’s wearing her engagement ring on her other finger until they can figure things out.  Somewhere in a dumpster Nene is yelling “Close your legs to married mens, close ya legs ta married mens.”  Kim is also rumored to be removing her wig for an upcoming spread she’s taking part in, which I assume will just be her Myspace page, but regardless, I will tune in.


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