Kelly Taylor: Not So Slutty

Look, I’m just as psyched as any other tool bag that 90210 is coming back and featuring some of our favorite old 90210 characters. However, if I remember correctly Kelly Taylor was a bit of a, oh I how do I say this nicely, slam-pig-whore-who-dabbled-in-lesbianism. She was hot for all the seasons accept that one season when she cut her hair really really short and looked like Cindy Walsh. Anyskank, the photos above are some of the first of Jennie Garth on the set of 90210 filming an episode for the upcoming season that’s scheduled to premiere in the Fall. Why is she dressed like a no nonsense business woman? Perhaps she’s going to go the Heather Locklear route from Melrose Place and bang everything in sight? Let’s hope because if this Kelly Taylor is going to be nice and sweet I may have to not watch it. Oh who am I kidding. I’ll be watching it, Tivo’ing it, and watching it again over the weekend whilst hungover on my couch.

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