Kelly Rowland’s New Boobs!

You know what? I thought about it and I am ready for this jelly. Reunite Destiny’s Child because Kelly Rowland has store-bought-new-boobs! Happy new rack Friday! Kelly recently told People Magazine that she bought her new rack-attack in the Fall of 2007. Fall really is a wonderful time to increase your chest size, I believe. Although I feel like K. Row came up a little flat. She went from an A-cup to a B-cup. Of fine, so that’s still decent, but its kind of like spending $30,000 for a car and choosing the KIA. If you’re going to spend the money you might as well go with the bigger car. Hell, spring for the leather seats!

Kelly bought these friends so that she could wearing more fashionable clothes, such as the classy outfits that Tina Knowles would make the girls wear on stage during concerts. I say good for her! I look at it this way: If she didn’t get breast implants then she supports terrorism. And I think that goes for all flat chested women this size of the Mason/Dixon line. I also don’t know where that is or what that is. That’s all.
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