Kelly Clarkson Will Never Pass up a Cookie, Ever. Not Even if it’s Laced with Drugs or Not Laced with Drugs. To Sum Up: She Likes Cookies.

Kelly Clarkson is one wild and crazy SOB. Get this. Once, while in Amsterdam, Kelly tried a…wait for it….wait for it…..wait for it….cookie that was laced with marijuana. FINALLY a logical reason for the fat ass. What? It’s medical. Now don’t jump ship yet you die-hard Kelly Clarkson fans. Little Kelly only tried this one time because it was legal in Amsterdam and insists that she has never done it again. So kids, what’s the big life lesson that Kelly is trying to teach? It’s ok to do anything in any country as long it’s legal. I think in some countries it’s ok to have sex with chickens. Go have fun kids! Gobble Gobble!

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