Keep in Mind This Chick Won "America's Next Top Model"


CariDee English put on her best blue skeleton head wrap and no makeup and headed out to the season opening of TAO Beach at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas over the weekend.  Remember when Bugs Bunny would wrap a towel around his head and body when getting out of the shower?  You with me?

Look, I’m as shallow as the next d-bag, but Tyra Banks usually says that us guys don’t understand the beauty of models because we only know perfect physical beauty.  Whilst I do agree, this doesn’t even look “Tyra model pretty” to me.  CariDee looks like she’s dabbling in the meth.  Oh!  Maybe she’ll appear soon on an episode of Intervention.  If so I hope I can be there.  I don’t know why I would, but I’ll begin the letter writing campaign later today.

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