Kanye West Sings on Saturday Night Live the Same Exact Way I Would Sing on Saturday Night Live

Yow and yowza! So who got the privilege of seeing Kanye West ruin music on Saturday Night Live over the weekend? I did! I did! This is basically how I would sound if I were to sing in public, which now assures me that I clearly have what it takes to break into the music industry and take Motown by storm!

Kayne, of course, is getting a lot of crap for how horrific he performed, but if we all stop and think about it, even listening to “Love Lockdown” on the radio doesn’t really sound that great either. It was a little pitchy, dog. But don’t get me wrong, while Kanye appears to be an ass, I’m actually a huge fan of his music and, particularly, Love Lockdown. I actually just downloaded “All Falls Down” on iTunes, so even butchering music can still make Kanye money.


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