Joyce DeWitt Back on Television Where She Belongs


Sure it looks like she’s still bitching about how Suzanne Somers ruined Three’s Company and made everything on the set so tense, but I’m still glad that we live in a world where Joyce DeWitt is a part of our lives and by “our lives” I of course mean “my life.”  I’m a little surprised that Janet got the night off from the flower shop, but I’m sure she put in for it months ago.

Joyce DeWitt, enjoying (I have no idea) the red carpet at the 2010 TV Land Awards in Los Angeles yesterday is actually looking great for her age.  She still looks the same to me from all those years ago (please, God, don’t have a sex dream about Joyce DeWitt tonight).

It’s nice to see Joyce-e-Pants all smiles and getting back into the swing of things in the public eye after she was arrested in El Segundo, CA last year for drunk driving.  If you recall she drove through a police barricade and while I may not be in law enforcement I’m almost certain that’s a tip-off that you might be a smidge intoxicated.

Check out some more pics of Joyce below because it will probably be another year before you see her again around here.

joyce-dewitt-tv-land joycedewitt joyce-dewitt-tv-land-awards

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