JoJo Keeps Busy Making Snow Cones

Singer JoJo or as I like to call her, J Jo, is really keeping busy making snow cones. No really, she is. J Jo was at the Nice and Icy Party at Knotts Berry Farm just the other day and was randomly making snow cones and awkwardly looking kinda like Snoopy. Look again. She could be a Snoopy impersonator, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, I’m a dead ringer for Captain Caveman.
Anyway, not too long ago JoJo said that she didn’t think she would end up having a nervous breakdown like other child stars such as Britney Spears because, “…very close to my family and they keep me grounded and I don’t think they would ever let me do that.” Yeah, well if by “never let you do that” you really mean “force me to make snow cones and take pictures with Snoopy” then yes you’ll be fine. I mean you’re career could tank, but you totally will sidestep Promises Rehab…..unless you get addicted to snow cones, which could happen. Just ask Linus.
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