Join the First IBBB Celebrity Twitter Bomb!


You know with all the TV show recaps I’ve been doing on the regular I almost completely forgot about Operation Sellout.  Well, I’ve had an epiphany, which is not a word that means ‘burns when I pee’ like I originally thought.  On the contrary (I’ve never said that before in my life).  I’ve decided to start up the first ever IBBB Celebrity Twitter Bomb or ICTB as no one calls it.  The concept it simple.  Each week I will announce a celebrity or celebrities I would love all the IBBB dysfunctional fans to “tweet” in regards to a specific recap I’ve written.  For those of you who aren’t following along at home I’m basically looking for a cheap way to get a celebrity endorsement and, well, this is my best bet.  And I’m pretty sure this is legal.

So, the first two “celebrities” that I’ve decided we should Twitter Bomb is Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen.  That’s right, two Twitter birds one stone.  See what I did there?  So here’s how this will work:

  • After I post the recap of Real Housewives of New Jersey on Tuesday morning, my IBBB willing army will tweet @kellyripa and @bravoandy with a link to my recap and a shout out to IBBB.
  • Here’s the shortened link you can use:

  • The end.

Simple right?  The way I see it is that I currently have over 1200 followers.  If only 10% of you play along I figured that they’ll receive over 100 friendly Tweets throughout the day helping me to sell out.  Fun and creepy all at the same time!  So who’s in?  Oh, and I don’t want to add any pressure but if you all don’t play along I’ll shut down this blog and buy a puffy leather couch like “the poors.”

See you on Tuesday morning!  Start spreading the word…and more!


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