Jessica Simpson Shows Her Cans

Jessica Simpson seems to be back to her old self again, and by “old self” I mean showing off her boobs. It seems like not long ago I was philosophising whether or not Ashlee was hotter than Jessica. At the time, Ashlee was clearly in the lead, but now I don’t know. I mean, Jessica isn’t singing or acting right now, but she seems to be looking better. Actually, she looks the best she has looked in months. Hmm maybe she should sing or act and just wear tight t-shirts. That seems to be working for her. Anyway, Jessica was all smiles (and boobs) this weekend while she got a little Italian food in Hollywood at Angolo Divino (??). Hopefully not too much though, we still need her skinny in order to be successful. What? I’m just saying…that’s what I hear.

Who Shot That Rack!?!

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