Jessica Simpson is the New Phylicia Rashad



I’m not quite sure what that title means, but I know, I know, there’s a weight joke in there somewhere.  Jessica Simpson put on her cameltoe inspiring jean shorts and her Nirvana shirt and brought her ass on stage to sing some songs in Irvine, CA the other day.  What songs could she be singing? One may never know, but I think it’s important to discuss that Jessie Simps is not fat.  Sure I’m about 4 months too late with a story like this, but when I saw these photos I thought, she’s thin again.  She lost her bum and her rack-attack sorta entered the Witness Protection Program too.  Eh, I guess that’s the price you pay for success.

Speaking of Phylicia Rashad I’m a little psyched to see her in her “after” photo on those annoying Jenny Craig commercials.  It would be great if they used Sondra as the “after.”

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