Jessica Simpson Has Bad Bathroom Habits

While some blogs out there have real hard hitting stories, I like to keep mine as completely ridiculous as possible. Some blogs have secret sources, well now I do too. That’s right folks, IBBB has his own west-coast secret spy. Apparently Jessica Simpson was at The Killers concert at Staples Center the other night in LA and one witness ran into her in the bathroom to which Jessica did not wash her hands before leaving. That’s right folks, breaking news. She probably then went and hi-fived someone at the concert and that’s how syphilis is spread. No joke, I think that’s how you catch it. Is it bad that while not washing your hands after using the bathroom is a disgusting habit, it surprisingly does not make Jessica any less hot to me? Do I have low morals? Yes, yes I do.
Thanks secret agent for this breaking story. Next time a picture would be nice.
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