Jessica Simpson Comes to NYC

Jessica “I’ll Keep Trying Anything” Simpson is in New York City to meet up, supposedly, with some very important people about her country music album. I feel safer when there’s a Simpson in the city….unless it’s OJ, then I run. But that’s another story for another time with another group of people. Anyway, I’m about to make a statement. Ready? I like Jessica Simpson and not just because I bet she’s a filthy pig in the bedroom (um, I mean her room is messy), but because with everything she tries and fails miserably at she just keeps on going. She like, “I’ve bombed all other musical genres…let’s try country.” She has spunk and a big as I like both of those things. When I finally crash and burn this blog, I’m going to “pull a Jessica” and try my hand at writing children’s books. I f’n love kids.
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