Jessica Simpson, a Millionaire, Wears a Jogging Suit

Jessica Simpson was stopping for a quick bite to eat the other day in LA when, surprisingly, the paparazzi were following her. Now don’t get me wrong, I still think that Jessica Simpson is still hot even in her “jogging suit” but really? A jogging suit? I kinda feel that there should be a rule that if you have over $1 million, you are not legally allowed to wear a jogging suit. The only people that should be allowed to wear a jogging suit are those that either work in a supermarket or live in a cardboard box. I’m going to try to make that a law. Now how would I got about doing something like that. I know, I’ll ask Santa. Anyway, it looks like Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are officially calling it quits again, for what I can only think is the 5th time. She should get back together with Nick Lachey and then do another reality show on MTV. That seemed to have worked for her before. Why not try it again? Either that or she could easily jump start her career again by partying too much, getting hooked on cocaine and/or heroin, hop in her car, drive real fast, crash into something, run from the scene, get arrested, go to Promises and/or Wonderland rehab, go to AA, head back to court, serve some jail time, finish that sentence, stop by Oprah to talk about it, record an album, film a movie, and collect the money. It’s a real simple plan for success. I should be her manager and by “manager” I mean her…
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