Jessica Alba in a Bikini, God Bless

I’ve always said that this blog is award winning journalism and I stand by that. It totally is. Sure in recent days there has been the funeral of an ex-President, the hanging of Saddam Hussein, and a war going on, but when it really comes down to it Jessica Alba in a bikini is going to trump those stories time and time again….well, on award winning blogs they do!

Jessica Alba may throw like a girl, but she looks like a women. Oh, I totally would say that if I had seen her on the beach that day. Well, I would have said half of that sentence and then would be screaming like a 4 year old girl because she would have been kicking me in the nuts, but why ruin the dream, right? Jessica was enjoying her New Years day in South Beach with her boyfriend (doh!) and some other friends. As a side note, according to a survey by Blockbuster, Jessica Alba was voted Americas Top Choice for a Fantasy New Years Date. Johnny Depp was voted top choice for women. I was voted in a close 2nd.

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