Jesse Brune from Workout: The Interview

ImBringingBloggingBack has landed an exclusive (not sure if that’s true or what it really means) interview with Jesse Brune ( Bravo’s reality show “Workout.” So how has this happend you ask? Well, a drunken reader of IBBB, Gina, had emailed me asking me to find out some info about Jesse Brune from Workout. I had no idea what either of those things were, so I played on “the Google” for a little while and ended up finding out who this person was, what his show was, and then tuned in to watch. See kids, all you need to do is ask me and I will deliver. However, not all celebrities will answer my ridiculous questions (and you know who you are, Tina Yothers), but after getting in touch with Jesse and his publicist (Kellie) I got to play professional interviewer. Find out what Jesse is up to now, his thoughts on being Paris Hilton’s prison bitch, and if Kimmy Gibbler got the shaft in Hollywood. Overall, an award winning interview. Here’s how it went down:

IBBB: I’ve had many of my readers email me to find out more about you. To be honest I had no clue who you were, so one hungover weekend I tuned in to your show and then did a little Google searching, found your Myspace, and here we are. I’m clearly a professional.

IBBB: I think Myspace is the devil, what have you been up to since the show ended?
Jesse: I have been workin’ my arse off! Training is very busy right now, and I am cooking up a storm. I have been lucky enough to cater some dinners in San Francisco , LA , and am actually going to do my first super fancy event in the Hamptons in a couple weeks. I’m trying to put a cook book together and getting ready for a third season of WORKOUT… that is, if there is a third season!

IBBB: Speaking of Myspace, tell me a great story about a crazy stalker that you have on Myspace.
Jesse: I haven’t had any crazy stalkers to date… there have been a few people who got really pissed that I didn’t respond to their messages, but I don’t have tons of time to play on the computer… so I hope they can be forgiving.

IBBB: It seems like all of your SkyLab clients are trying to lose a ton of weight (some, literally). I’d like to gain about 5-7 pounds. I also like “the beer.” What advice would you have for me?
Jesse: If you want to gain weight, then keep up with the beer! If you are looking to gain muscle mass then focus on weight training and eat a lot of protein after your workout.

IBBB: In on episode one of your co-workers, Doug, passed away. How strange was it to deal with that with the cameras rolling?
Jesse: It was very hard… I didn’t want to give the impression that I was grieving for the sake of good television… I think the producers did a pretty good job at giving us our space so we could make the passing of Doug more about him, and less about us. I don’t know if there is a right way to deal with a situation like that… but I feel like it was done rather well.

IBBB: Seriously, every celebrity seems to be getting arrested for DUI lately. If you were Paris Hilton’s cell-mate in prison for 45 days would you end up being her bitch? I think you could take her, but prison can be tough.
Jesse: I know this sounds bad, but I wouldn’t mind hearing that Paris got into a couple brawls… I mean I can imagine there are some pretty mean dykes in there that would love a piece of Paris.

IBBB: What other areas of fitness and/or the entertainment industry would you like to get into?
Jesse: Honestly, I would love to do a cooking show… there is something romantic in that for me. To get paid to hang out in a kitchen and do my thing would be a dream come true. We will keep our fingers crossed.

IBBB: Do you think Kimmy Gibbler (Full House) got the shaft and deserves more work in Hollywood ?
Jesse: No, she was a hateful bitch and got everything she deserved. Just kidding, I have no idea… One of my dreams is to hang out with the Olsens… if that dream ever becomes a reality, I will get their opinion and share it with you.

IBBB: What do you regret the most while being on camera? Wicked good question, right?
Jesse: I don’t really have any regrets. I have learned the importance of proper grooming in front of the camera… it is one unforgiving bitch.

IBBB: What reality shows are you into?
Jesse: Most Bravo shows… they have a great formula that sucks you in… Top Chef, Project Runway, Top Design… all addicting.

IBBB: My last question is a two-parter. (a) Can I have the chicks on Myspace that throw themselves at you that you don’t want? (b) If you ever didn’t like one of your clients, would you “accidentally” train them to have a J. Lo ass? What? I just feel like you could have that power.
Jesse: No, chicks do not throw themselves at me… there are a couple who try to set me up with their brothers though… and I think that is really cute.
Personally, I think the bigger the ass the better… J-Lo has the right idea… and believe it or not, most people have that as their long-term goal… a “J-Lo” of their own.

So that’s how this award winning interview went down kids. All kidding aside, for someone to actually answer my ridiculous questions shows someone who can have fun with things without being an uptight asshole (yes, I’m talking to you Tina Yothers). Special thanks to Jesse Brune for taking the time to play along. If you’re looking to have him train you or are interested in his catering business, be sure to check out his own personal site @ Thanks also go to Jesse’s publicist, Kellie Olisky @ JagPR for putting up with me and becoming a fan of my site (two birds with one stone, baby!).

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