Jason Wahler and the Case of the Mexican Prison


Jason Wahler of Lagina Creek and “The Hills” fame reportedly got into a fight while vacationing in Mexico.  While at the “Pink Kitty” nightclub (which ironically was the nickname of Lauren Conrad’s naughty bits, I believe) J Wahl got into a little fight with a bar patron and was then tossed out of “da club” by security and then handcuffed by police and thrown into a pickup truck….which all sounds just about right when talking about the Mexican prison system.

When TMZ drunk-dialed every prison in Mexico, local police claimed they had no one by the name of “Jason Wahler” in their custody.  I wonder if they checked on the name “Dick For Brains?”  I bet he’s “registered” under that alias/birth name.

So apparently J Wahl, like LC’s mustache, may be missing.  Although, similar to LC’s mustache we all know he’ll be back in the limelight before we know it.

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